Elizabeth Neel

Avian Clench . 2018

Avian Clench . 2018

+ Mary Boone Gallery

Washes of transparent and translucent color, a substructure of shape, and a map-like delimitation of space informs the artist’s present work. In 2015 the artist began using acrylic paint which has become her principal medium. Working large canvases on the floor and the wall, she alternates methods: pouring as well as swiping, saturating the surface, using brushes and rollers, and folding the canvas to print near-symmetrical, Rorschach-like forms. The artist manipulates the flows of paint, responding to marks made by gravity and chance. Neel refers to this process as a time-based choreography akin to “calisthenic activity.” The palette ranges from browns, which are thick, to thin, watery colored hues.
Mary Boone Gallery


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