Rometti Costales

Cape de pluie . 2015

Cape de pluie . 2015

+ ca2m

Little animals, ash trays showcases a number of works that came from this facsimile alongside other prior works which are key to Rometti Costales’ artistic worldview. The project imagines a material and unpredictable choreography that allows materials, gestures, space or time to give shape to the unknown. Just as words were erased from the facsimile to bring out the emptiness of the page, the artists treat the material as if it were a collage, making incisions, removing and juxtaposing various elements in a frank and reciprocal dialogue with the materials, which are invited, together with the words and ideas, to become part of a parliament of sorts, in which all the actors involved, whether they be human, animals, things or situations, can express themselves and construct a discourse. The artists remain there, listening and observing, attentive to what forms emerge from those polysemic and polyphonic narratives.


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