Oscar Tuazon

WALK THROUGH WALLS (Studio Wall) . 2017

WALK THROUGH WALLS (Studio Wall) . 2017

+ Galerie Eva Presenhuber

Oscar Tuazon‘s sculptural oeuvre is situated at the border of art, architecture and technology. His large-scale works – shown in exhibition spaces as well as public space and nature – often seem like functional do-it-yourself structures which were once inhabited or will be made inhabitable soon. In terms of form, Tuazon is close to artists of Minimalism and Land Art, such as Donald Judd or Carl Andre. He goes so far as to copy single works of artists like Richard Serra, but without the ironical distance that characterizes appropriation. The process of copying is rather to be understood as a re-building that reduces the work to its sheer material and potential. Furthermore, Tuazon doesn’t focus on the relation between work and architectural space, but on material, the process of building, and the physical agency of the work itself. Often, the collective process of constructing his large-scale sculptures could be seen as a performance which naturally takes place before the actual work is realized.
Galerie Eva Presenhuber


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