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Structure d’accueil médico-sociale (SAMS) . Echichens

Lacroix Chessex . Structure d’accueil médico-sociale (SAMS) . Echichens Olivier di Giambattista afasia (1)

Lacroix Chessex . photos: © Olivier di Giambattista

The medico-social support structure (SAMS) welcomes senior residents, for a short stay, before their return home. As a second complex of the SILO Foundation in Echichens on the heights of Morges, the new building offers additional services such as a doctor’s office for general practitioners, a hairdresser and a tea room.

The architectural project seeks to fit into the site and respond to the built environment consisting mainly of two poles: the village and the first building of the SILO Foundation. The building tries to play a pivotal role between these two geometries and to connect existing constructions.

The proposed structure is articulated in two main buildings each arranged around a patio. The scale of the project is thus more suited to the rural context. The facades are made up of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.

This building is timeless. It is a hospitality structure in the literal sense of the term that goes far beyond the program itself. If the proposed architecture may seem imbued with a certain archaism, it offers a contemporary revisiting of structural themes from vernacular heritage. There is no nostalgia in this approach, but rather a desire to firmly anchor the project in a broader temporality than that of the cultural context in which it is built.

Adresse Echichens, VD
Date 2016-2020
Type Competition
Gross floor area 3’080 m2
Collaborateurs Ameline Depover
Olivier di Giambattista
Jules Chabbey
Camille Cochet
Grégoire Martin
Lucas Reif