01matos gameiro . Domingos

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Grândola’s new Library and Municipal Archive . Grândola

matos gameiro . Pedro Domingos . Grândola’s new Library and Municipal Archive . Grândola Inês D´Orey afasia (1)

matos gameiro arquitectos . Pedro Domingos arquitectos . photos: © Inês D´Orey

The Grândola’s new Library and Municipal Archive is accessed through the set of palm trees that structure the renovated Praça da República, now purged of all the noisy and conflicting elements, which have been removed from there in search for a more pacified order. This square is the central place of the city and the epicenter between the Municipal Garden, to the southwest, and the Orange tree garden, to the east. The new building forms part of the square and – due to its scale and program – constitutes itself as a reference element that counterpoints the urban continuum. In this sense, our concern has been to elucidate the building’s presence in the square, making it clear, solid and identifiable, and to include it in the network of streets by creating a continuity between the forecourt drawn by the square and the interior spaces of the building. Continue reading 01matos gameiro . Domingos


03 David Chipperfield

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Jacoby Studios . Paderborn

David Chipperfield . Jacoby Studios . Paderborn afasia (1)

David Chipperfield Architects . photo: © Simon Menges . + Jacoby Studios

The former ‘St. Vincenz hospital’ is situated in the medieval town centre of Paderborn next to the western tributary of the Pader Springs. The hospital moved out in 2013 and the existing complex has been converted into a new headquarter for a family-run company designed by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin. Continue reading 03 David Chipperfield


04 Anne Holtrop

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Green Corner Building . Muharraq


Studio Anne Holtrop . photos: © Anne Holtrop

The buildings floor plan consists of two identical sized rooms and a core in between. The plan is very shallow in depth and has one long main facade with two short end facades. With the shallow depth of the plan, the facade itself is the main spatial element. Continue reading 04 Anne Holtrop


05 Bak Gordon

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Bak Gordon. HOUSE . GRÂNDOLA Francisco Nogueira afasia (4)

Ricardo Bak Gordon . photos: © Francisco Nogueira

Built in the vast territory of Alentejo, the house emerges from the figure of an extensive water tank attached to a wall, facing south, as if it was a resonance box of the entire landscape. On the other side of the wall the social spaces and two fresco rooms are kept, places of transition between interior and exterior, considered as foundational for the daily life of the house. It is around the small interior patio that different private areas gravitate. Continue reading 05 Bak Gordon