Kwong Von Glinow . Lamyuktseung

Towers within a Tower . Hong Kong

Kwong Von Glinow  . Lamyuktseung . Towers within a Tower . Hong Kong  (1)

Kwong Von Glinow Design Office . Kevin Lamyuktseung . + Bee Breeders

Kwong Von Glinow and Kevin Lamyuktseung win The Hong Kong Pixel Home Competition.

Our proposal for Pixel Housing is to bring Hong Kong’s sensation of urban verticality into the apartment unit itself. Apartment spaces, typically inhabited as horizontal slices, are stacked one atop the other. The unit towers aggregate beside one another to produce shared outdoor spaces: a local neighborhood high up within the tower. Read from both outside the tower and within the tower, residents can lay the claim “That’s my tower.”

While great variation can occur through these unit adjacencies, an economy of means maintains three basic unit types: Studios of 32 m2, Single Bedrooms of 37m2, and Family Units of 42m2. Each of these unit towers are unique in their proportions, organizations, and color, to serve the varying needs of different families and tenants.

Each tower unit is composed of prefabricated concrete elements, which once assembled into boxes, can be easily mounted onto each other with cast-in steel-plate embeds. The modularity of the system and minimal material weight allow for economic fabrication and flexible transport.

This system can be aggregated across many different scales, from a four story rural housing, to a development tower in the city – every time adapting to different ratios of studios: single bedrooms: family apartments. Overall – they produce a new typology of tower-living, where daily life is framed within pixels.