Aires Mateus

Townhouse . AJUDA

Aires Mateus . Townhouse . AJUDA (1)

Aires Mateus Architects . photos: © Juan Rodríguez . + archello

This vertical dwelling incorporates common spaces that endure and sustain a household life. A collective and shared ground profits from the existence of several levels and spatial values. The concept of the house is given by the definition of this space that unifies and connects it through its full height. It’s an aggregator of all functions that are revealed upon its path. The entrance we is at the base of a void of compacted air that with its full height, escapes through an infinite skylight. The space reverberates through all the common spaces of the house. The entrance elongates itself under a triangular space into the music room. This room is double height and connects visually through the upper floor to a stairwell. Above it, the library is opened to the void columns over the entrance. On the upper floor, this space connects to the living room and opens to two sides; South of the river and to the Igreja da Memória and North to the great palace of Ajuda. The stairs are designed in a triangular volume generated by the shape of the skylight. Each space opens itself to the exterior, whilst defining the façade and image of the building.

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