Reiulf Ramstad

Folk Museum . Romsdal

Reiulf Ramstad . folk museum . romsdal (1)

Reiulf Ramstad Architects . photos: © Erik Hattrem

The Romsdal museum complex has become an architectonic attraction and a treasured landmark which embodies a whole region’s history and identity. The intention is to let the structure signal its meaning and function through an architectural expression and the use of place-specific materials. It should convey an open and progressive attitude that makes diverse utilization possible. The range of perspectives and activities will ensure a broad audience, with the museum becoming a living centre for the exploration of the region’s history, contemporary culture, and even future.


Romsdal Folk Museum
Typology: Culture, Public
Status: Competition, (2007) On-going
Location: Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Illustrations by MIR and RRA.

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