Zigzag . Delso

3D3N . madrid

EG: Eingangsbereich, Treppe

Zigzag Arquitectura . Rodrigo Delso . photos: © Roland Halbe

We think of cities as always full, frenetic and crowded, but there are still voids abandoned by the voracity of new construction; forgotten bags of air in a system that prefers the new to making the existing sustainable. One such place is in the center of Madrid, in the courtyard of a historic building dating from 1859. Continue reading Zigzag . Delso



San Martín de la Mar Square . Santander

© Roland Halbe

zza . Angelini + Casino . photos: © Roland Halbe . © zza

The strategy proposed is one of an urban seam to be achieved by means of a series of terraced platforms and slopes forming stands, whose geometry solves the difference in levels of the site and the link between its limits: Reina Victoria Avenue in the north, Union Street in the west and the southern area in the lower part of the square itself. Continue reading zza . ANGELINI + CASINO