Pasteurstrasse New development . Berlin

zanderroth . Pasteurstrasse New development . Berlin (1)

zanderrotharchitekten . photos: © Simon Menges

This new residential complex is located on Pasteurstrasse, a street in the quiet Bötzowkiez area of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. Realized as a joint venture between its future residents, this project comprises of fifty-one units spread across four separate buildings. The complex stands on a site previously occupied by a freestanding supermarket, which has been seamlessly integrated into the ground floor of the building facing the street. The project thereby closes a gap in the block, engaging in a retroactive densification of the inner city—but also, above all, repairing a damaged urban fabric. A contextual approach was taken to better integrate the complex with its surroundings: the existing neighborhood, in effect, was simply built further, with the complex adopting the building lines, materials, and colors of its context. Continue reading zanderroth





Zanderroth Architekten . photos: © Simon Menges . + archaic

The building in Christinenstrasse is a habitable monolith made of in-situ cast concrete. The modern lightweight material was used to provide load-bearing properties as well as high-quality thermal insulation. Inside, the load-bearing concrete elements are reduced to allow loft-like rooms to open up behind the window bands. The irregular shape of the property creates geometries that generate exciting interior spaces and contribute to the exterior form. The building’s reserved colours and structure integrate it smoothly into the surrounding Wilhelminian development. Nevertheless its spacious openings and the visibly heavy nature of the material contrast with the building’s environment. Continue reading Zanderroth


zanderroth architekten

Christburger residential buildings . Berlin

zanderroth architekten . Christburger residential buildings . Berlin

zanderroth architekten . photos: © Simon Menges . + baunetz

The residential buildings in Christburger Strasse are striking through the flexible portioning possibilities of their floor plans. By using wide-span ceilings, it was possible to do without any definition of the floor space. There are no load-bearing walls or supports, allowing free floor plan distribution for the apartments, which have direct access to an elevator. Due to fire protection regulations for the emergency exits, a special accessing system was developed using continuous balconies on the rear sides of the building to turn the stairs into the emergency stairs. The front sides of the building present the showcase view, with enormous, elegant window glazing. Continue reading zanderroth architekten