vora . virai

Financial institution logistics yard . madrid

vora . virai . Financial institution logistics yard . madrid (1)

vora (pere buil, toni riba) . virai ( juan herranz, marta parra) . photos: © adrià goula

The brief was to redevelop the logistics yard in the interior of a city block that is occupied in its entirety by a major financial institution. The intervention both merges and at the same time demarcates the pedestrian space and the vehicle area. Continue reading vora . virai



Domus Avinyó . barcelona

vora . Domus Avinyó . barcelona (1)

vora . photos: © adrià goula

The discovery of a Roman site inside a municipal administrative building (the remains of a Domus located next to the ramparts), made necessary this project of suitability so that it could be visited in a compatible way with the current use of the building. Continue reading vora


estudi08014 . vora

passatges | bellvitge gornal connectivity . l’Hospitalet

estudi08014 + vora arquitectura (pere buil, toni riba)

We propose to unify the neighborhoods Bellvitge and Gornal currently separated by the railway tracks taking the existing bridges as the main items of the intervention by transforming them into versatile infrastructures able to accommodate uses, turning them into streets and recycling them into buildings. Continue reading estudi08014 . vora