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nau ivanow . barcelona

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vora . el globus vermell . fotos: © adrià goula

Partial refurbishment of the Nau Ivanow, an industrial building from the 60’s, which is nowdays an arts center based on scenic arts.
The Nau Ivanow is an artistic center (Creation Factory) that focuses its activity mainly on scenic arts. It is an industrial building placed in the neighborhood of La Sagrera, near the train tracks, a former industrial area.
The building was built in 1967 for a paint factory. Since 1997 it has been operating as an artistic center and dynamizer of the neighborhood, first with the initiative of Xavier Basiana and since 2010 within the Creation Factories program of the ICUB (Culture Institute of Barcelona). Continue reading vora . el globus vermell




Vora . fotos: © Adrià Goula

Se trata de la reforma de un antiguo local comercial de dos plantas en el barrio del Poblenou, dentro del distrito 22@. El edificio es del año 1906. En su origen, la planta superior era una pequeña vivienda asociada al negocio. En algún momento, posteriormente se había cubierto el patio trasero para ampliar el fondo del local.

La reforma convierte el local en vivienda-estudio para una pareja, que incluye el espacio para grabaciones de vídeo y fotografía. Continue reading Vora


Vora Arquitectura

Born Market surrounding area | Comerç Street . Barcelona


Vora Arquitectura . fotos: © Adrià Goula

Comerç Street is the border between two very different urban fabrics, the medieval city and the Eixample Fontserè. Although it can be associated with the character of an Eixample street due to its proportions, in most of its layout it is an asymmetrical street, with two very different façades.
The surroundings of the Born Market have a monumental character related to the presence of the building. The spaces that converge there (Comerç street and the little space between Comercial square and Born Boulevard) relate to it by contrast, in terms of character and environmental comfort, counteracting the monumentality with a more domestic atmosphere. Continue reading Vora Arquitectura



àngels and inhar’s apartment . manresa

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Vora Arquitectura . photos: © Adriá Goula

the refurbishment consisted on the transformation of the circulation spaces, the core of the house. the rest was kept as it was. we placed a succession of 4 wooden vestibules, enclosed by thick walls that contain storage and showcases for objects, linked by low and narrow corridors. systole and diastole. each vestibule is related to a use: the first is linked to service spaces (cellar, storage cabinet); the second, to the kitchen; the third, to the social zone (living room and bathroom); the last one, to the sleeping area. Continue reading Vora



Vallirana 47 . Barcelona

Vora . Vallirana 47 . Barcelona afasia (1)

Vora Arquitectura . photos: © Adrià Goula

Vallirana 47 is a quite anonymous and discreet building. Its value doesn´t lie within any singular identity, but in the sense of continuity of an epoch. The work consists of the refurbishment of 5 of the 6 dwellings in the building, and the common spaces. Continue reading Vora