àngels and inhar’s apartment . manresa

Vora . àngels and inhar's apartment . manresa afasia (1)

Vora Arquitectura . photos: © Adriá Goula

the refurbishment consisted on the transformation of the circulation spaces, the core of the house. the rest was kept as it was. we placed a succession of 4 wooden vestibules, enclosed by thick walls that contain storage and showcases for objects, linked by low and narrow corridors. systole and diastole. each vestibule is related to a use: the first is linked to service spaces (cellar, storage cabinet); the second, to the kitchen; the third, to the social zone (living room and bathroom); the last one, to the sleeping area. Continue reading Vora



Vallirana 47 . Barcelona

Vora . Vallirana 47 . Barcelona afasia (1)

Vora Arquitectura . photos: © Adrià Goula

Vallirana 47 is a quite anonymous and discreet building. Its value doesn´t lie within any singular identity, but in the sense of continuity of an epoch. The work consists of the refurbishment of 5 of the 6 dwellings in the building, and the common spaces. Continue reading Vora



can rosés temporary school . barcelona

vora . can rosés temporary school . barcelona afasia (1)

Vora Arquitectura. photos: © adrià goula

the building had been renovated for a municipal library more than 20 years before. the interior spaces were diaphanous.

the temporary use of the building is for a period of 3 years. for students of 3, 4 and 5 years old. after this period, the temporary school will be disassembled.
it is an alternative pilot test to prefabricated modules, which are a common system in similar temporary situations. in order to take advantage of disused buildings, we obtain lower investment cost and greater character and identity for the school. Continue reading vora


taller 9s . vora


taller 9s . vora . CENTRO DE INTERPRETACIÓN DEL TRABAJO Y LA CIUDAD . Barcelona afasia (3)

taller 9s (Oriol Cusidó, Irene Marzo) . vora (Pere Buil, Toni Riba) . renders © Ikokora

Se trata de la reconversión de un espacio fabril de mediados del s. XIX (la nave F), para equipamiento museográfico relacionado con la memoria del recinto industrial de Fabra i Coats, y de Barcelona en general.
La nave se relacionará con otros espacios del recinto, desde un punto de vista funcional (con la sala de calderas directamente, y generando sinergias con otros espacios) y físico (nueva marquesina de acceso, pavimento que se extiende, etc…). Continue reading taller 9s . vora


vora . virai

Financial institution logistics yard . madrid

vora . virai . Financial institution logistics yard . madrid (1)

vora (pere buil, toni riba) . virai ( juan herranz, marta parra) . photos: © adrià goula

The brief was to redevelop the logistics yard in the interior of a city block that is occupied in its entirety by a major financial institution. The intervention both merges and at the same time demarcates the pedestrian space and the vehicle area. Continue reading vora . virai