Takehiko Suzuki

TUNNEL . Tokyo

Takehiko Suzuki . TUNNEL . Tokyo afasia (1)

Takehiko Suzuki ARCHITECTS . photos: © Masao Nishikawa

This is a small detached room designed for an owner who is an IT engineer to focus on his work and study.
The only thing he needs for his work is his laptop, and he wants the space just as an empty shelter.

The site is near Shakujii Park in Tokyo, where is full of naturel and with rich history. Ruins of the Jomon Era of Japan have been excavated out just 50m away from the site.
But the land between the site and such rich nature has been the vacant land for decades. Those lands are owned by the local municipality for the future expansion of the park, but no specific project plan has been released yet. Our project site is located in the middle of such vacant lands. Continue reading Takehiko Suzuki