music factory . Lanzarote

STUDIO VLORA .  music factory . Lanzarote afasia (1)

STUDIO VLORA . renders: © DIMA – Digital Images of Architecture

We approached this project taking as a starting point the retaining wall. It was so important to us that it is the basis of our concept. We intent it as a protection towards what there is inside: a great treasure that is just born.To do that, we developed our project emptying everything that was inside the retaining wall and we designed a new system within it. Continue reading STUDIO VLORA


Vlora . Cortese . Mazza

Landscape. Venice

Vlora . Cortese . Mazza . Landscape. Venice  (2)

Studio Vlora . Claudio Cortese . Barbara Mazza

The freespace is the freedom, is that void necessary to the man to find the space that he doesn’t have in the urban life. Today the freespace has become something precious because for a lot of years its importance was underrated. Gradually, the necessity of the urban growing has begun to prevail over the needs of the single man. This condition forced us to move often out from the cities in order too find the “air” the we miss in the urban environment. In the contemporary cities the horizons disappears, the view without obstacles has become something rare and precious to find, to lose the sight in the vastness of the infinite. Continue reading Vlora . Cortese . Mazza


Lajdi Sulaj

Hotel – University . Saint Moritz

Lajdi Sulaj . Hotel – University . Saint Moritz  (1)

Lajdi Sulaj

The plot is located between the city and the forest. The idea is to use this particular location to create two main areas : one public area, the lobby, connected with the city and the private area, the Rooms, exposed to the forest. The character of the two areas are completely opposite: the lobby take an exposed character, with the inclined wall, opening towards the city . The rooms are studied as a system of niches, where the main intention was to create a small and protected cave, looking the forest. Continue reading Lajdi Sulaj