Studio Hertweck

Röhrig House . Sinzig-Westum

Studio Hertweck . Röhrig House . Sinzig-Westum afasia (1)

Studio Hertweck . photos: © Bildpark/ Veit Landwehr . + baunetz

The Röhrig House is part of a series of hillside houses in the Middle Rhine Valley conceived by Studio Hertweck. It is located on a steep slope on the edge of the buildable land of Sinzig-Westum, a German municipality between Bonn and Koblenz, with a view on a valley that runs transversely towards the Rhine. The owners, a young family, had wanted generous interior and exterior shared areas, combined with a classic spatial program: two children’s rooms, a home office, parents’ bedroom and two bathrooms. In order to implement the program economically, a simple cube was punched into the slope. Garage and storage rooms were accommodated in the lower area, the children’s rooms with bathrooms in the first floor. On the second floor an open living area was created, which opens up to the slope to the garden and to the street to a terrace. Above this, towards the garden, is the parents’ area with their bedroom, bathroom and home office, towards the street the air space of the living room. Continue reading Studio Hertweck