Schenker Salvi Weber

Bütze Wolfurt Primary School . WOLFURT

© David Schreyer

Schenker Salvi Weber . photos: © David Schreyer

The rural market town Bütze-Wolfurt in the Bregenz district of Vorarlberg wanted to enlarge their primary school and integrate the neighboring kindergarten and daycare center. The decision was made to completely refurbish the old three-story building from the 1960s and demolish the part from the 1990s due to structural reasons. The gymnasium in the basement was preserved and built over with two new floors. The new 60-meter-long and 27-meter-high timber-frame volume with a smooth wood-clad façade and a plastered plinth – details which were also taken over on the existing building – now forms a harmonious extension of the school complex. The new structure with a pergola at each end integrates calmly into the scenic beauty of lush fields and trees and the rural character of the town. Continue reading Schenker Salvi Weber


Schenker Salvi Weber . Mohr

Revitalization of ÖBB Offices . Vienna

Schenker Salvi Weber . Mohr . Revitalization of ÖBB Offices . Vienna afasia (1)

Schenker Salvi Weber . Günther Mohr Architect . photos: © David Schreyer

The Austrian Railway Company ÖBB was aiming to gather their facilities around the Viennese Praterstern, aligning with an internal reorganization of the company. Therefore the former high-quality office building from the 60ies needed a redesign to fit the standards of contemporary working environments. Two out of four staircases were taken out of the scheme, all the windows were replaced and a modern sun shading system implemented. The light green corrugated façade revives the visual appearance of the building towards the square as well as to the railway tracks operated by ÖBB nearby. Continue reading Schenker Salvi Weber . Mohr