savioz fabrizzi

barn conversion . praz-de-fort

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savioz fabrizzi architectes . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

Built in the second half of the 19th century, the barn was originally situated at the entrance to the village of Praz-de-Fort in the Val d’Entremont, and had been abandoned. as part of the conversion process, it was first dismantled and then rebuilt a few kilometres further into the valley, at Saleinaz.
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Savioz Fabrizzi

post-school childcare unit and nursery . Vétroz

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Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

two buildings are set into the naturally-sloping site.
the first building, to the south, accommodates the pre/post-school childcare unit and the nursery, while to the north, the second building houses the crèche. access is from the ruelle du collège, via sloping paths that run along the length of the site, allowing easy pushchair access to the different buildings. the spaces between the buildings are reorganised into a yard for the different groups of children: to the south is an area for the pre/post-school childcare unit, the central area is for the crèche, with a public space to the north. to the east of the site, off the rue du moulin, there is a drop-off point for users arriving by car. Continue reading Savioz Fabrizzi


Savioz Fabrizzi

Métrailler House . Sierre

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Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes . photos: © Thomas Jantscher . + gooood

This house is located in the vineyard of Sierre, up against a cliff. Responding to this mineral environment, the building is meant to be seen as a rock in the middle of the vine stocks, and tries to minimise the impact on the vineyard. The facets of this concrete monolith are facing the main points of view of the site such as the Rhône Valley, the pfyn forest and the annivers valley. Continue reading Savioz Fabrizzi