Rosario Talevi

Casa Abierta . Rocha

Rosario Talevi . Casa Abieta . Rocha  (1)

Rosario Talevi . photos: © Javier Agustín Rojas

For an architect working on their very first built project, the temptation to condense several years’ worth of education into a single building is a strong one. Usually, however, such lofty desires are tempered by the realities of the budgetary, geographical and material constraints. Such was the case with Argentinean architect Rosario Talevi’s first project, a house known as Casa Abieta. There was though, an additional parameter here that isn’t something encountered but most architects during their “maiden voyage”: the client was her own mother. What is most striking about the project is the manner in which the parameters in question have not only have shaped but also enhanced ­the final building. The result of conditions leading to convictions, the creativity that comes from such constrictions is playfully evidence by Talevi’s house. Continue reading Rosario Talevi