Alcolea + Tárrago . Ercilla . Lecumberri & Cidoncha

University Headquarters and Auditorium . Málaga

Alcolea + Tárrago . Roberto Ercilla . Lecumberri & Cidoncha . photos: © Javier Callejas . + AV

The Government Building is located at the Teatinos campus, west of the city of Málaga in Spain. It hosts the presidency of the University among several other administrative and representative services, which were scattered throughout the city until now. The project also includes an additional 800-seat Auditorium –the largest in the city of Málaga–; a botanical garden; and an outside theatre. All aiming to create a new center on a brand-new University campus. The project seeks to be essential in its figuration, pointing to elemental architecture types, and with a timeless and abstract expression. The two volumes define a very representative character while establishing a conversation in a densely vegetated park. Both volumes are mostly built with a single material –local white marble–, with minimum industrial processing and energy usage and following a strict modulation, to minimize cutouts and waste, which are then fully reutilized in different parts of the building. Continue reading Alcolea + Tárrago . Ercilla . Lecumberri & Cidoncha


alcolea+tárrago . Ercilla . Jerez . Piedra

Regional Archive and Cultural Center . Burgos

alcolea+tárrago arquitectos . Roberto Ercilla . Jerez arquitectos . Piedra arquitectos . renders: © JAM images

The restoration of the Hospital Concepción in Burgos brings back the original architectural qualities of this 16th and 17th century building, which has received many fragmented and not cohesive interventions during the past centuries. Continue reading alcolea+tárrago . Ercilla . Jerez . Piedra



Edificio de juzgados de Puerto del Rosario . Fuerteventura

ERCILLA . LECUMBERRI CIDONCHA . Edificio de juzgados de Puerto del Rosario (1)


El carácter emblemático de la arquitectura se afianza, de manera irrenunciable, con el tiempo. No obstante, la condición de hito del nuevo edificio de juzgados en esta área de expansión de Puerto del Rosario obligaba a una reflexión especial acerca de la respuesta formal de la propuesta. Continue reading ERCILLA . LECUMBERRI CIDONCHA


alcolea+tárrago . Ercilla . lecumberri&cidoncha

University Government Pavilion . Málaga

alcolea+tárrago . Roberto Ercilla . lecumberri&cidoncha

The Government Pavilion will bring together the various offices and campus services of the University of Málaga, as well as the office of the dean and the different offices of vice-deans, now located in other buildings. A medium-size 800-seat auditorium is also included as a separate volume, as well as a parking for 240 vehicles and an open-air audiorium. Continue reading alcolea+tárrago . Ercilla . lecumberri&cidoncha


Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura


Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

En la Llanada Alavesa los viejos edificios aislados, que componen los pequeños núcleos rurales, asemejan grandes almacenes, que albergan indiferenciada y simultáneamente uso de vivienda, aprisco de ganado, etc.
En general son edificios de volumetría muy sencilla, pesados, con cubierta a dos aguas y pequeñas ventanas. Continue reading Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura