De Krook city library . Ghent

RCR . COUSSÉE & GORIS . De Krook  city library . Ghent (1)

RCR Arquitectes . COUSSÉE & GORIS . photos: © Tim Van de Velde . + divisare

When the city of Ghent organized a contest in 2010 for a new city library, the city had a rather extensive wish list. The new building had to house a library, meeting rooms and a café overlooking the city, as well as offices and laboratories for the University of Ghent and a center for new media (IMEC). Yet the new building also had to become a worthy architectural sparring partner of Henry Van de Velde’s nearby masterpiece the “Boekentoren” (book tower) – the university library -, as well as play a vital element in the regeneration of the dilapidated neighbourhood as a place of gathering for local residents. Continue reading RCR . COUSSÉE & GORIS



Muraba Residences . Dubai

rcr . Muraba Residences . Dubai  (1)

rcr arquitectes . photos: © Airey Spaces

Muraba is a residential project located on the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, UAE. The building features cast glass louvers and balconies which provide the occupant with a beautiful and functional effect. Continue reading rcr