Social Infrastructure Pilares Priani . Mexico City

PRODUCTORA . Palma . photos: © Onnis Luque

PILARES are small neighborhood hubs that provide social, educational, and cultural infrastructure to residents of Mexico City. An initiative implemented by the Mayor of Mexico City, these Points of Innovation, Freedom, Art, Education, and Knowledge (PILARES, for its acronym in Spanish), provide local residents access to computers and internet, workshop spaces (carpentry, silk-screen printing, dark room, etc.) and flexible rooms for public gatherings. More than 250 PILARES are planned for Mexico City, and a small part of those were commissioned to architects with a distinguished trajectory. Continue reading PRODUCTORA . Palma


PRODUCTORA . Part Office

NOVA House . Los Angeles

PRODUCTORA . Part Office . photos: © Onnis Luque . + archello

Nova House is a residential project in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, expanding the existing house with a master bedroom suite and a flexible studio-garage, doubling the original square footage of the residence. While the original house is left fairly similar in its organization, the addition consists of square surface divided into three structural bays each about 10 feet wide. This spacious architectural framework, with inclined wooden ceilings and clerestory windows towards the east, offers an intricate variety of interconnected spaces for the master bedroom, and a basic rectangular floorplan for the studio. Continue reading PRODUCTORA . Part Office



CCU . Limache


UMWELT + PRODUCTORA + LANDMRX are one of the finalists of the adaptive re-use of a former brewery in Limache, Chile (3rd prize). The proposal understands the landscape and the site itself as part of the museum experience and adds a machine-like structure to the back of the existing building plus a series of re-purposed machines to unlock the full potential of the historic brewery. Continue reading UMWELT . PRODUCTORA . LANDMRX



The Blue Houses . Denver

PRODUCTORA . The Blue Houses . Denver Onnis Luque afasia (1)

PRODUCTORA . photos: © Onnis Luque

This experimental project is located in the first belt of low-density neighborhoods surrounding downtown Denver at only two miles of the city center. It provides centrally located, low-cost housing for individuals or couples while integrating within the morphology of the suburban environment. The site consists of a 50-foot wide parcel divided into two equal lots. According to local zoning codes, we could build the main house and an ‘accessory dwelling unit’ (ADU) on each lot. By organizing each front house into 3 studios, each with its own bathroom and kitchenette, and large communal living space, we managed to have eight units in total: six studios in the front houses, and two split-levels ‘artists’ studios in the ADU’s towards the alley. Continue reading PRODUCTORA