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Re-Constructivist Architecture

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Ierimonti Gallery New York . + archdaily

Re-Constructivist Architecture at Ierimonti Gallery New York, curated by Jacopo Costanzo and Giovanni Cozzani and promoted by the Scientific Technical Committee of Casa dell’Architettura in collaboration with Consulta Giovani Architetti Roma, presents the work of thirteen international emerging architecture firms, aiming to portrait a generation of architects born in the ‘80s: a countertrend that tries to recover a debate lost years ago and obstructed by a cumbersome star system. Their theoretical, critical and historical approach attempts to rediscover a thoughtful dimension behind the architectural subject. Continue reading Point Supreme . UNULAUNU . jbmn


Point Supreme

New Maribor Museum

photos: Point Supreme

The building aims to affect the overall city scale, whilst confirming the primacy of the historic core. While the building clearly presents itself as a single entity, it also clearly reveals the programmatic elements it is composed of. The Children’s Museum, Creative Industry Centre, Architectural Centre and Catering Area assume ‘ideal’ forms and structures that are attached to each side of the core building Cube that houses the main program. Continue reading Point Supreme