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De vaca negra . Europan 14 . Torrelavega

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‘The urban pattern’
Not long ago, the death of industry was proclaimed. Considered as a polluting and noisy activity it moved away from urban areas. However, today many companies are relocating their activity.
Our project suggests the inclusion of a renovated industry in the centre of Torrelavega. This new industry changes the traditional relation with the city and the citizens.
The project proposes an urban renovation creating a diverse and balanced environment, where productive spaces are meant to coexist with housing, public equipment and green areas. It is also considered a project of social renewal that wants to put in relation the enterprises that already work in the area with entrepreneurs, young professionals, neighbours, local culture and ideas that will launch the economy of Torrelavega. Continue reading Soria . Martínez . Soria


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Barrio residencial . Viena

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“Dealing with Infrastructures”, bajo este título situaba la organización del concurso Europan 7 el solar propuesto desde la ciudad de Viena; y es que quizás se trataba de un ejemplo paradigmático: una parcela triangular, situada en la periferia de la ciudad, rodeada por una vía de tráfico intenso, una línea de metro elevada y atravesada por una línea eléctrica de media tensión… ¿alguien puede pedir más? Continue reading YES . PLAYstudio



A Retroactive Tale for Gwacheon

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“A large bell was rung at sundown to announce the closing of the city’s gates. Once the city gates were shut, nobody could enter the inner sanctum of the walled compound until morning. Those hapless individuals arriving too late to enter the town had to find alternative accommodations outside the walls, thus creating a superb market for small inns strategically located near the city gates outside of the walls”. This is how ‘life’ was born. Continue reading PLAYstudio



FORUS LABing . EUROPAN 13 . Stavanger

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Forus is the area where most of the Norwegian oil companies are located. It is placed in an intermediate territory in between the municipalities of Stavanger, Sola and Sadnes, becoming a key piece of this metropolitan area, and surrounded by huge transport infrastructures. How could we transform this business area in a real urban livable part of these cities? And what is more, how could we address it in a post-oil economy horizon? The answer given by the winning proposal in EUROPAN 13 was a process: FORUS LABing. Continue reading PLAYstudio