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De acuerdo con el paradigma vigente, podríamos vivir o trabajar casi en cualquier lugar. Tan sospecho y romántico como pueda parecer, creemos que la ampliamente debatida distinción entre vida y trabajo es más bien ficticia. Por supuesto que vivimos mientras trabajamos y viceversa (al menos quienes disfrutamos de lo que hacemos). Cuando se dedica a una única causa, trabajar pasa a ser una rutina y, eventualmente, un hábito. Una habitación bien instalada, proporcionada, iluminada y ventilada, tradicional como es, debería ser más que suficiente para disfrutar, para la necesaria sensación de un lugar familiar. Continue reading Pezo von Ellrichshausen


Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Cien House . CONCEPCIóN

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Decisive coincidences such as the amount of steps on a hill path nearby, or the statue of an old cypress that reminds those described by Walter Pater, or even the whole number of the elevation above sea level that defines the podium could be used to explain the format of this building’s silhouette. But the reasons that shape a house are always others; always the same ones. Within two unified formats, an extended floor plan and a concentrated one, we organize the same unit twelve times: a square figure asymmetrically divided into four rooms. Sometimes central, others lateral, or even in a diagonal disposition, each unit establishes a different relation amongst the rooms. Continue reading Pezo von Ellrichshausen


Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

Loba house

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Perhaps the only distinction between objects and things resides in their scale. Closer to any natural thing, in its ambiguous scale, this small building is more than a hut but less than a house: it is a cottage. As an opaque block, a monolithic object heavily anchored at the edge of a cliff, it is facing a sea-lion reserve on the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading Pezo Von Ellrichshausen