PRODUCTORA . Part Office

NOVA House . Los Angeles

PRODUCTORA . Part Office . photos: © Onnis Luque . + archello

Nova House is a residential project in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, expanding the existing house with a master bedroom suite and a flexible studio-garage, doubling the original square footage of the residence. While the original house is left fairly similar in its organization, the addition consists of square surface divided into three structural bays each about 10 feet wide. This spacious architectural framework, with inclined wooden ceilings and clerestory windows towards the east, offers an intricate variety of interconnected spaces for the master bedroom, and a basic rectangular floorplan for the studio. Continue reading PRODUCTORA . Part Office


Part Office

Eagle Rock House. Los Angeles

© Naho Kubota

Part Office . photos: © Naho Kubota

The Eagle Rock House is the renovation and addition to a 1963 home in east Los Angeles located at the end of a small cul-de-sac. With a steep hillside yard, kidney-bean shaped pool, and views to the San Gabriel mountains, the house embodied the quintessential, non-distinct suburban Los Angeles home.

The clients – an art dealer, avid cook, and their two children – purchased the house sight-unseen from a family who had haphazardly expanded and renovated the home over the years, resulting in a series of disconnected interior spaces fitted with a bricolage of materials void of any intention. Continue reading Part Office



Cactus Store Greenhouse . NEW YORK

Part . Cactus Store Greenhouse . NEW YORK (6)

Part Office . cactus store . photos: © ANNA BEEKE

The Cactus Store in Los Angeles is a small 400 sq/ft storefront and education center that focuses on rare and bizarre desert plants. An opportunity arose to temporarily expand the store’s operations to a vacant lot in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, across from Seward Park on the Chinatown border. Continue reading Part