Theatre Le Rideau . Brussels

OUEST . Theatre Le Rideau .  Brussels afasia Johnny Umans  (11)

OUEST . photos: © Johnny Umans . + baunetz

The building complex was once a coal depot organized around an inner yard, behind a series of houses and apartments in a quite banal street of a lively Brussels’ neighbourhood. Theatre Le Rideau launched a competition in order to transform and reorganize the whole site for their activities, in harmony with the neighbours living all around. The existing situation consists of five different buildings – the biggest one being the former coal depot – all organized around a courtyard. Each building was working independently from the others and one had to the cross the courtyard to reach another building, which of course was not comfortable neither for public, artists, staff or direct neighbours. Continue reading OUEST


Ouest . Productora

Podiumkunstensite . Leuven

Ouest . Productora . Podiumkunstensite . Leuven afasia (1)

Ouest . Productora

Podiumkunstensite, competition for a new center for permorming arts in a historical setting in Leuven.
Together with Mexican practice Productora, we were invited to this ambitious competition for the city of Leuven. On the site of a former hospital, the new center for performing arts is expected to create a cultural hotspot in this new inner city development, in close harmony with the historical Augustinessen cloister. The city aimed to build a innovative and flexible infrastructure for performing arts, and to create in one move a public anchor point in the city, a ‘third space’ where the performing arts become part of everyday city life. Continue reading Ouest . Productora


Ouest . Flores & Prats

Ancien Théâtre des Variétés . Brussels

Ouest . Flores & Prats . Ancien Théâtre des Variétés . Brussels afasia (1)

Ouest Architecture . Flores & Prats

A former music hall building from the 30’s (with a façade by famous local modernist architect Victor Bourgeois) converted into a cinema in the 60’s and was later abandoned in the 80’s. A beautiful and difficult heritage building to convert into the new “laboratory for cultural and citizen expressions” for Bruxelles Laïque, an institution working on an innovative and ambitious socio-urban agenda. Continue reading Ouest . Flores & Prats


Ouest . Bruther


Ouest . Bruther . KAAI THEATER . Brussels afasia (1)

Ouest . Bruther

The Kaaitheater is a forward-looking venue for theatre, dance and performance in Brussels, housed in a 1930 building right next to the new Kanal museum for contemporary art. The new project aims to improve the existing big hall, to add a second small Blackbox theater and production/rehearsal spaces, and to rethink the relationship with the city around. Continue reading Ouest . Bruther



P.A.R.T.S.-Ictus-Rosas . Brussels

OUEST . VERS.A . ROS . Brussels afasia (1)

OUEST . VERS.A Architecture

A former industrial site in Brussels (originally dedicated to laundry), converted for more than twenty years into a campus for internationally acclaimed dance school, dance company and contemporary music ensemble. Several projects and buildings added along the years to the historical laundry.

New programs/buildings for more dance studios, integrated into a new general masterplan/reorganization for the whole site and its landscape. Continue reading OUEST . VERS.A