BELLIARD . Brussels

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OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen . Jaspers-Eyers Architects

Building permit granted for the ambitious office building which aims to give new light to the European Quarter in Brussels. Designed by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen in collaboration with Jaspers-Eyers Architects and developed for Immobel, resolves the complex condition of the corner of a city block by means of three volumes of varying sizes. Each volume has its own architectural expression and character while all being finished in stainless steel. The stepping configuration of these volumes make spaces for roof gardens on two levels. The lower volume offers communal spaces within the building. Its double height floors allows passersby an extended view through the building and into the garden in the back. Continue reading OFFICE


AgwA . Office

SWCS «Half Square Half Crazy» . Charleroi

AgwA . Office . SWCS «Half Square Half Crazy» . Charleroi afasia (1)

AgwA . Office KGDVS . plans + renders: © AgwA . © Office KGDVS

A competition for the extension of the headquarters of a social credit agency in Charleroi, Belgium. A research on a flexible and generous typology for offices, housing and public amenities. The simple concrete structure is designed as a façade, as internal technical shafts and as vertical circulations. Round columns, thin concrete slabs, square elevator shaft. Structure as architecture. On the streets, the simple grid of the structure resolutely proposes urban architecture. Generous winter gardens on two levels allow unexpected typologies for new forms of urban living and working. Architecture as structure. Architecture as infrastructure. Continue reading AgwA . Office