Nori Architects

Minimum House . Toyota

Nori Architects . photos: © Jumpei Suzuki . + archdaily

A New Prototype of Urban Housing – A house for a young couple and their two children in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Located on a long and narrow site east to west, there is heavy traffic on the west side of the road, buildings closely adjacent on the north and south sides with a wide opening to the sky in the southeast on the second floor. The massing is a compact box with a frontage of 2 ken(3.6m) x depth of 7.5 ken(13.6m) , 15 tsubo(50m2) x 2 floors = 30 tsubo(100m2) in total, with a height of approximately 6 m. The structure is divided into three levels. A large window on the southeast wall of the living room connects to the urban void. Continue reading Nori Architects