Nieto Sobejano

Museum & Research Centre Madinat Al Zahra . Córdoba

© Fernando Alda

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . + divisare

A visit to the Madinat al Zahra archaeological site and the allotment reserved for the museum and offices arouses contradictory emotions. On the one hand, nostalgia for a remote, undiscovered past impregnates the landscape stretching towards the Cordoba Hills, while on the other hand, disorderly sprawl of modern buildings creeps disturbingly around the area that was once a palace-city. Our first reaction on arrival had to be a definition of the future proposal: we should not build on this landscape. Faced with such a broad expanse still awaiting excavations in the old Arab city, we wanted to work like archaeologists: not to construct a new building, but rather, if we were lucky, we would discover it under the surface, as if the passage of time had kept it hidden right up to the present day. Continue reading Nieto Sobejano