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Founded in 1142 and nestled within the vineyard-lined basin of the Eisack valley near Bressanone (Italy), the abbey not only represents one of the most significant architectural ensembles in South Tyrol today but also stands as a preeminent Augustinian Abbey of its time. Like a small, self-sufficient village, each building within the monastery complex played a specific role: the constituent churches, chapels, mills, workshops, wine cellars, and farmhouses formed an indelible nucleus—only a portion of which has been converted into a museum. Continue reading MoDusArchitects


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MoDusArchitects adopts a subtle design strategy for the renovation of, and addition to the Cusanus Academy, a center o learning dedicated to the exchange of ideas ate the intersection of the religious and secular worlds. For the purpose of better engaging the Academy with the city, the project tackles the heterogeneous ensemble of seminar venues and guest accommodations with a spectrum of interventions—mimetic to overtly new—that form a more organically connected complex that invites the community in. Continue reading MoDus Architects