Mendes Ribeiro

Botanical Garden Tropical Greenhouses . Coimbra


João Mendes Ribeiro . photos: © José Campos – Architectural Photographer . + P3

The Tropical Greenhouses and the new on-site Science Corner are located in the high town or Alta de Coimbra. They belong to the University’s Botanical Garden built in 1772 by the Marquis de Pombal. The Tropical Greenhouses, completed in 1859, are one of the first examples of iron architecture in Portugal, their reference being the Kew Gardens greenhouses in England. The intervention on the greenhouses involved restoring and recuperating the existing structures and implementing suitable technical solutions for the growth of the plants and for the use of the space, namely for receiving visits. Continue reading Mendes Ribeiro


Mendes Ribeiro

Sotheby´s International Realty Expo . Lisbon

João Mendes Ribeiro . Sotheby´s International Realty Expo . Lisbon (8)

João Mendes Ribeiro . photos: © FG+SG | architectural photography

The interior design for Sotheby´s International Realty (Expo, Lisbon) maintains the unfinished existing surfaces, that were painted white, and keeps in plain sight the new installations and infrastructures. Within this crude space, a two storeys high skeleton of metallic modular elements was positioned as autonomous element, painted in black and disconnected from the existing walls. Continue reading Mendes Ribeiro


Mendes Ribeiro

Claus Porto . Lisboa

João Mendes Ribeiro . Claus Porto . Lisboa (1)

João Mendes Ribeiro . photos: © José Campos . + Catálogodiseño

Claus Porto is a portuguese scents brand whose 130 years history had to be summoned in the project of the first flagship store to open in Lisbon downtown. A heritage built not just by their impressive material assets, but also by their intangible patrimony, linked to the objects’ symbolic quality and value. Towards the visual impact that the Claus products have, the store design would have to be minimalist but very sensitive, so that it could enhance and complement the brand’s strong identity. It should be an inclusive, elegant and cosmopolitan place, but also a place with a strong sensory appeal. Continue reading Mendes Ribeiro