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Sports and cultural hall . Puy-Guillaume

Link architectes . photos: © Salem Mostefaoui

The site, remarkable for its position on the eastern edge of the town of Puy Guillaume, is characterized by a space largely open to the Forez mountains and the surrounding countryside. A rural landscape, banal and remarkable at the same time, where the qualities of a hilly horizon mingle with the poor and ordinary constructions of the outskirts of the town.
The project plot is occupied by a car park bordering the rugby pitch, municipal workshops and a car garage. An ambiguous situation for a building which ultimately turns out to be the most voluminous of this constructed complex. Continue reading Link architectes


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Link Architectes . DLD architectes . photos: © Salem Mostefaoui

We wish to approach each project with the concern of building a specific response to a given situation. That of the village of Saint-Jean de Moirans offers us a place with a marked and unique identity.
The architecture of the village is remarkable. We observe the traces of rurality linked to the history of the village. Rammed earth buildings covered by large roofs with solid wood frames attract our attention. We notice a recurring device in the articulation between wall-fence and house which create the urbanity of the village, defining its character. Sometimes in stone, sometimes in rammed earth or coated but always very mineral, the constructions are very heterogeneous and from different eras. Continue reading Link . DLD