Commercial Building Hohe Strasse . COLOGNE

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KUEHN MALVEZZI . photos: © RALPH MÜLLER . + divisare

Located at the crossroads of Cardo and Decumanus on the Roman city plan, Hohe Straße 52 represents a significant historic city plot, situated in the heart of the old town of Cologne. The facade is understood as a specific expression of an urban structure. This is typologically articulated as an urban commercial building with a pedestal, a central part and attic. The pedestal forms the tectonic basis of the building. A band of 70 cm wide pillars follows the property along the surrounding streets, framing the large display windows and shop entrances. Continue reading KUEHN MALVEZZI


Kuehn Malvezzi

rooftop greenhouse . oberhausen

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Kuehn Malvezzi . photos: © hiepler, brunier . + baunetz

The office building in the center of Oberhausen combines the diverse functions of a public administrative building and rooftop garden in a new way, integrating features of both typologies. The tension between the physicality of the brick building and the delicate lightness of the greenhouse creates a new identity that affects the urban context of the Altmarkt, an important location in the city.
A vertical garden connects the square with the roof garden. Developed in collaboration with landscape architects atelier le balto, it is an effective urban planning element that purposefully combines the old and new landscape typologies as a public space. A varied course leads visitors from the tree-lined market square up steps and platforms, past climbing plants and seating areas, to the roof. From the rooftop, the view opens up over the historical center of the city. A part of the roof garden is a research area used by the Oberhausen-based Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology, to realize its concepts in the field of building-integrated agriculture. Continue reading Kuehn Malvezzi



Torstrasse 84 . BERLIN

© Hiepler, Brunier

KUEHN MALVEZZI . + World-Architects

This project consists of two mixed-use buildings: Torstasse 86, completed in 2014, and Torstrasse 84 built three years later. The two separate buildings follow the same design principles, structured by a grid of regular, extra-large windows and a reduced model-like facade.
Torstrasse 86 is a seven story apartment building sitting on a lot just 11 meters wide in the centre of Berlin Mitte. While the stuccoed north-facing front facade is smooth and serene, on the south side the structure is stepped back in stages, giving the apartments generous south-facing balconies and terraces. The basic floor plan is organized around a central living space that connects two very different sides, extending from the busy street to a quiet courtyard. Large windows bring plenty of light into the 15-meter-deep building. The result is four single-story loft apartments and a two-story penthouse on top, with retail space in the basement and groundfloor levels. Continue reading KUEHN MALVEZZI