Kjellgren Kaminsky

Skogfinsk Museum . Svullrya

Kjellgren Kaminsky . Skogfinsk Museum . Svullrya (1)

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture . renders: © Filippo Bolognese

The new Norsk Skogfinsk Museum presents the history, traditions and beliefs of the Skogfinsk community throughout various exhibitions within the new proposal and the existing Finnetunet area. Our proposal, titled Kampestein, depicts their rich cultural heritage, history of migration and affiliation with the forest in which they settled, interpreting their vernacular architecture in a modern way. Continue reading Kjellgren Kaminsky


Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Villa Nyberg . Borlänge
photos: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Kjellgren Kaminsky has produced Swedens first series of passive houses sold as type houses in collaboration with Emrahus, our goal is to make this environmentally friendly building technique available for all. Villa Nyberg is the first one to get built. The villa has been customized for the Nyberg family and is situated in Borlänge, central Sweden. Continue reading Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture