Siza . Castanheira . M.A.R.U

TEA HOUSE . Jeju Island

Siza . Castanheira . M.A.R.U. TEA HOUSE . Jeju Island afasia (1)

Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira . M.A.R.U. Metropolitan Architecture Research Unit . photos: © Park Wansoon . + archdaily

First, we built the House – the Jeju House. Afterward, we were asked to design a Tea House. What Is a Tea House? Was our first question. It’s such a privilege to be an architect, to be confronted with new projects, new challenges. To solve something, study and learn. Continue reading Siza . Castanheira . M.A.R.U


Kim JongKyu + M.A.R.U.network

Arumjigi building . Seoul

M.A.R.U.network . photos: © Kyungsub Shin . + SPACE

Arumjigi means ‘People who preserve and take care of our beautiful culture’. And the building recently completed near Gyeongbokgung(Korean royal palace) is new house for Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation. People expect it to be a cultural place where people can experience Korean beauty and sentiment throughout cultural programs and also spaces itself.
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