Kazuyo Sejima

Suimei . Tokyo

Kazuyo Sejima . Suimei . Tokyo architecturephoto afasia (1)

Sanaa . photos: © architecturephoto

To begin with, I thought that a site with a historic background would be compelling. I wanted to study and know the past in depth, to then face and build the future. It was an occasion for the past and the present, but also the future, to be connected. The Hamarikyu Garden is a daimyo garden of the Edo period. It has been landscaped and renovated many times by successive shoguns of the Edo shogunate. Nowadays, from the garden, you can see the skyscrapers of Shimbashi and Shiodome standing in the background. It’s a site where I could interact with two dimensions of Tokyo: both historical and modern. I think about the expansion of the city of Tokyo while I sense the countryside it used to be – falconry grounds for the shogunate. Within the park we chose the site of the guesthouse “Enryokan”, constructed in the early Meiji era. It is a place of hospitality. Continue reading Kazuyo Sejima