Kazunori Fujimoto

Concrete House . Ajina

Kazunori Fujimoto . Concrete House . Ajina  afasia (1)

Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates . photos: © Kazunori Fujimoto . + archdaily

The project site locates on a very steep slope directly facing the Seto Inland Sea, and characterized by a unique view of Miyajima Island and its Itsukushima Shrine.

The main intention was to create a house that can freely spread in both horizontal and vertical directions, also, that face to the Itsukushima Shrine in the most dignified and modest way with respect.

The design process started from disassembling the traditional box and from the intent to give a sense of lightness and movement to the South facade through a De-Stijl style operation. Continue reading Kazunori Fujimoto


Kazunori Fujimoto

Concrete House . Ashiya

Kazunori Fujimoto . Concrete House . Ashiya afasia (1)

Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates . photos: © Kazunori Fujimoto

The site is located at the foot of Mt. Rokko, near former Yamamura House (by F.L.Wright in 1924), blessed with the green scenery of the mountain. The traffic on the frontal road, which is also a sightseeing route, is a little heavy, and the next house blocks the view.
The house would be better where each person can have a sense of distance and relationship with each other. Also, it would be better the relationship between the inside-outside space is the same as the relationship between the family. Continue reading Kazunori Fujimoto


Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates

House . Nasu

+ Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates

This is a weekend house built in the area height of above sea level 550m, in Nasu-town, Tochigi Prefecture.
Though in the resort town, the road and the neighbor houses are near by the site, and it seems difficult to keep a privacy.
so we aimed to make an indoor space like a Scandinavian soft interiors instead of the room open directly to the outside .

The surrounding’s tall trees blur the outline of the house,
and the interior, they give the abstract light, shade, and many of colors.

It is one-room space that has two big windows and a concrete wall.
By the two windows the room connected to the outside environment.
Closing the white curtains, all symbols as “house” are hidden,
and the color and materials that can be seen are limited,
still more, the abstract space is filled calm atmosphere.

The inside concrete wall like “monolith” divide the space generously, and put the life in order. Continue reading Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates