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National War Cemetery Pavilion. Loenen

KAAN Architecten . National War Cemetery Pavilion. Loenen Simone Bossi  AFASIA (1)

KAAN Architecten . photo: © Simone Bossi

The Loenen National War Cemetery site, one of the two located on Dutch territory, was designed by landscape architect Daniel Haspels (1894-1954) shortly after the Second World War, reflecting the landscape of the area with its clusters of wispy trees that honour the peaceful environment and bring comfort to the bereaved. KAAN Architecten opted to draw the trees and building together, letting the trees dictate the structure’s form, to achieve a fusion of architecture and landscaped nature. Continue reading KAAN Architecten


KAAN Architecten

La Défense . Paris

KAAN Architecten . La Défense . Paris afasia (4)

KAAN Architecten . renders: © Filippo Bolognese

Located under the esplanade of the most famous business district in Paris, the underground slab of La Défense has been designed to separate the functions for the users from technical or logistical purposes. KAAN Architecten proposal highlights the inherent beauty of these residual volumes, activating various flexible spaces and making them accessible after being unused for years. Continue reading KAAN Architecten


KAAN Architecten

Bottière Chénaie . Nantes

KAAN Architecten . Bottière Chénaie . Nantes afasia (1)

KAAN Architecten . photos: © Sebastian van Damme

Bottière Chénaie is a compact mixed-use building nestled within the eponymous district in the north-eastern Nantes, encircled by major traffic infrastructures. The project proposes a balanced composition of volumes with simple massing, enriched by concrete post-and-beam facades that generate large openings and fully glazed corners. The building structure features a multifunctional plinth, composed of commercial spaces, a supermarket and a car park. Above this base rise two 5-storey residential blocks counting 172 apartments. Continue reading KAAN Architecten



CMA | Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat . Lille

KAAN Architecten . CMA  Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat . Lille afasia (1)

KAAN Architecten . PRANLAS-DESCOURS architect + associates . + wallpaper

With its minimalist esthetics and elegant transparency, the monolithic building gives an embracing and protective gesture towards the surrounding nature, reinforcing the dialogue between the diverse elements of the area.

In broad horizontal strokes, the CMA spreads over three floors rising from a square shaped footprint of 80 by 80 meters, providing both educational functions and spaces dedicated to supporting craft business. Each floor holds a strong connection to the green landscape: on the first floor, KAAN Architecten and PDAA have designed a prominent cantilever that frames a scenic view of Lille and the gardens. Continue reading KAAN . PRANLAS-DESCOURS



De Walvis . Amsterdam

KAAN . De Walvis . Amsterdam  AFASIA (1)

KAAN Architecten

The name “de Walvis” refers to a time when this part of Amsterdam housed ship- and dockyards. Built in 1964 by W.F. Lugthart, this office building on the waterfront of the Westerdok quay, has views of the IJ waterfront and the historic Amsterdam city centre and is part of the UNESCO canal belt. At that time, it was the first new office building on Bickerseiland. Four plots were planned, but neighbourhood residents rebelled and demanded a mix of residential and commercial properties for this area. De Walvis is now the only remaining office building on Bickerseiland. Although modern at its time, the building now no longer complies with contemporary day workplace standards. Continue reading KAAN