Julius Taminiau

Potato Ensemble

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Julius Taminiau Architects

Three farm buildings form an ensemble; (I) the former farmhouse (listed building), (II) a large horse stable and (III) a cowshed. The uniqueness lies in its austerity. It gives an insight in former farm life, and can even be described as a ‘monument of poverty’. It’s like stepping in Vincent Van Gogh’s “Potato Eaters” painting. To transform the farmhouse back into the main home of the family, would require extensive building measurements and ruin all these nice characteristics. It was therefore decided to convert the farmhouse into a modest guesthouse and to rebuild the cowshed into the main family house. The large former horse stable functions as a flexible space which could be used as an atelier and for cultural events.

The Potato Eaters painting formed a leitmotif for the whole project. Continue reading Julius Taminiau