Johnston Marklee

Menil Drawing Institute . Houston

© Richard Barnes

Johnston Marklee . + wallpaper

Opening of the Menil Drawing Institute at the Menil Collection on Saturday, November 3. The building—dedicated to the acquisition, exhibition, study, conservation, and storage of modern and contemporary drawings—is the fifth museum space at the Menil situated among new green spaces and outdoor sculpture for the public to enjoy. Continue reading Johnston Marklee


Johnston Marklee

Art Barn . Beverly Hills

Johnston Marklee . Art Barn . Beverly Hills (1)

Johnston Marklee . photos: © Florian Holzherr . + metalcon

The project is an addition of a 4,500 square foot art gallery on a residential estate in Beverly Hills. The building consists of two volumes comprised of the same house-like shape, which mitigate between the existing topography and a six foot drop down to the level of a previously existing tennis court. This creates a unique variation of spaces for viewing art, allowing for an intimate gallery at the main entrance and a larger scaled exhibition space at the level of the former tennis court. The shape of the building is furthered by the extension of the form to create an eave along the eastern facade, and the partial repetition of the house form to define the main entry. Continue reading Johnston Marklee