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Museum Tonofenfabrik . Lahr

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Heneghan Peng Architects

The former Tonofenfabrik (Clay Oven Factory), is situated in the historic centre of Lahr in Germany, close to the remains of the medieval castle ‘Storchenturm’ and the medieval town wall. In danger of complete deterioration, the listed building has been reinvented as a City Museum utilizing this strategic urban location to create a destination for tourists and residents alike involving them with the history and heritage of Lahr in a way the old museum in the cities park was never able to. The old industrial brick building was not only transformed into a modern museum, but it’s somewhat incomplete ‘L’ shaped volume has been completed by a new stair tower forming a coherent ensemble of old and new. Continue reading Heneghan Peng


Heneghan Peng Architects

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Heneghan Peng Architects  . Guggenheim museum . Helsinki (1)

Heneghan Peng Architects . + Malcolm Reading

If one were to google the Guggenheim Museum New York and its exhibitions, it is immediately apparent that the most experimental and visible exhibits do not occur in the spiralling ramps but in the space of the atrium. Paradoxically, the space least defined seems to allow the most experimental of arts. Continue reading Heneghan Peng Architects


Heneghan Peng architects

V&A’s Boilerhouse Yard . London

photos: Heneghan Peng architects

Invited to present concept designs for a hypothetical redevelopment of the V&Aʼs Boilerhouse Yard. The designs, comprising architectural models and plans are asked to respond to a brief to create temporary exhibition space below ground and a courtyard at street level off Exhibition Road.

At the urban level, a continuous carpet links Exhibition Road, Boilerhouse Yard and Madejski Gardens. A “sandwich” floor with a domed construction, below the yard reconciles the various level of the buildings that surround the Boiler House Yard whilst accommodating the peripheral spaces and services to the temporary exhibition below. Continue reading Heneghan Peng architects