Laksevåg Waterfront . Bergen

Haptic . MORRIS+COMPANY . Laksevåg Waterfront  . Bergen afasia (1)

Haptic Architects . MORRIS+COMPANY . renders: © Fillipo Bolognese

Winning entry for the international competition to re-design Laksevåg waterfront district drawn by a team featuring representatives of Haptic Architects, Gort Scott, Morris and Company and Turner Works. The proposal aims to restore and redevelop the former shipbuilding area into a creative and productive centre of maritime industry for the 21st century. Continue reading Haptic . MORRIS+COMPANY



Rosemoor Studios . London

Haptic . Rosemoor Studios .  London (1)

Haptic Architects . photos: © Simon Kennedy . + AJ

Rosemoor Studios have been designed as a contemporary insertion into the historic townscape. Compositionally, the façade reinterprets the townhouses of adjacent Rawlings Street, with precast stone base providing a distinction between the ground floor and upper stories, which borrow from the same language of brick walls punctuated by stone framed openings. The expressed precast framing, vertical window proportions and their asymmetrical relationship are designed to draw from the surrounding context whist providing a façade that is visually engaging. Window openings and the precast framing are accentuated with deep setbacks whilst visually connecting with skylights or the sky beyond. Continue reading Haptic