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NEW MACBA . Barcelona

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Christ & Gantenbein . H Arquitectes . photos: © Filippo Bolognese

Presently housed in a building opened in 1995, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) requires a significant increase of its exhibition space. Addressing this need, the design for the new MACBA was developed in partnership between Harquitectes + Christ & Gantenbein as a new volume opposite the current venue. Positioned around one of Barcelona ‘s most vibrant public spaces, the Plaza des Angels, the extension is shaped as a terraced, open building housing new galleries, shops, and public places. An existing chapel from the 15th century and a convent are also part of the scheme and will be transformed to house the museum ‘s entrance hall with many public-facing uses, open to all. The chapel’s cross-figure will be activated as a new portal, linking two squares, and symbolically acting as the MACBAs new centre of gravity. Continue reading Christ&Gantenbein . H Arquitectes




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A Priorat appellation vintner needed a new winery in the heart of a village, Gratallops, for his increased production. The challenge was to allow the winery itself to contribute to the biodynamic winemaking process, striving to optimise the building’s behaviour based on passive principles to the greatest possible extent.
The L-shaped polygonal plot is in the heart of a typical historic village context, with narrow streets and row houses except for the church, the town’s most dominant, defining building due to its unique character and size.
The site boundary is marked by a stone wall, a former handball structure rising 10 metres at one point, which follows an irregular line. The geometry of this party wall, an amalgam of stone, brick, and plaster rendering, was the starting point for the project. Continue reading Harquitectes



HOUSE 905 . Igualada

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HARQUITECTES . photos: © Adrià Goula

No context is irrelevant to a new building. And often the site itself generates conditions affecting the project in almost every decision. This is not the case with this house.
The sun, the geometry of the plot -almost square with a chamfer-, a neighbour too close to the south, and a tower of houses to the north, more typical of a residential area of the sixties than of this piece of garden city where the plot is located. Four badly counted inputs.
The owners (a couple with two children) wanted a house without maintenance, with a lot of privacy and a good relationship with the garden -more like a courtyard- all year round, a well-placed studio, and a few other usual requirements. And a desire to live in a modern house -without a capital letter-. And a certain interest in contemporary Japanese domestic architecture.
With these determining factors, it was clear to us that history had to be written almost from scratch, or rather from within, with the building itself. A new site had to be created. Continue reading HARQUITECTES