H Arquitectes


H Arquitectes . HOUSE 1302 . TERRASSA afasia Adrià Goula  (1)

H Arquitectes . photos: © Adrià Goula

The current construction is a dwelling, which was maintained in an acceptable state of its constructive and structural elements, but needed an intervention regarding the new necessities of the clients.
A main body in the floor plan and the first floor composes the house. Afterwards, some auxiliary constructions were added, with less spatial and constructive quality. Continue reading H Arquitectes



HOUSE 1014 . Granollers

HARQUITECTES . HOUSE 1014  . Granollers (1)

HARQUITECTES . photos: © Adrià Goula

The plot is located in the historical city centre of Granollers and placed into an urban fabric of dwellings between party walls. The available space is narrow and elongated, only 6.5 m wide; and accessible from two streets. Owing to the dilapidated state of the existing building, only the main façade, reasonably well preserved offering a certain heritage value, could be maintained.
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HOUSE 1413 . Ullastret

HARQUITECTES . HOUSE 1413  . Ullastret (1)

HARQUITECTES . photos: © Adrià Goula

The stone wall that marked out the boundaries of the estate went around the whole site, revealing just the tops of the trees inside. The materiality and the irregularity of the geometry of the wall endowed it with a special character and presence, but the current regulations made it compulsory to extend the width of the street, so preserving the wall was impossible. Continue reading HARQUITECTES