Patio house . Esporles

F451 . Patio house . Esporles (1)

F451 Arquitectura (Miba + SiO2) . photos: © José Hevia

The house is located in a new residential area facing the historical village of Esporles. Urban regulations for this new residential area establish 3m setback form each side of the plot, which slopes down to the north having a 3m difference from south side to north side. Views strictly follow the axis south (mountain and sun) north (old village). East and west will have very close neighbors.
The proposal is the result of placing a classic 1 level central patio house typology on a 45 degree slope. Continue reading f451



DROP house prototype . Santa Catarina Pinula

F451 . MIBA . SHO ARQ . photos: © Juan Gándara

DROP housing prototypes are a result of a research program integrated our team, SHO ARQ, MODULTEC (manufacturer), BOMAImpasa (structural design) and Atres80 (MEP design) for the development of expandable industrialized housing units based on passive house models. Continue reading F451