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New access and store at the Cathedral . Burgos

SIC Estudio . New access and store at the Cathedral . Burgos Esau Acosta afasia (4)

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There is an architecture to be revealed in the Cathedral of Burgos. They are the architectures of small things, of spiritual intimacies, of places of symbols and rites, of warmth. In reality, everything that contrasts with the centennial stones: Choirs, confessionals, sacristies, etc. A whole architecture of the small and singular things in large spaces. The project rescues the traditional materials with which those architectures conform. The carpets, velvets, wood, metallic chrome, textures and delicate colours and form with them a tremendously contemporary new architecture that gives warmth and welcome to the place that receives its visitors. On the other hand, the project opens a new access in a historic door that had remained closed for too long, and recovered through the care and cleaning the historical vault of the San Fernando room. Continue reading SIC Estudio


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MARES de Madrid is a process that starts from the skills and competences of the citizens’ initiatives located in Madrid, to trigger the linking of projects with people and people with projects in the territory. These projects are developed from five areas that we consider to be priorities for the urban resilience of Madrid: mobility, food, recycling, energy and care, in four areas of the districts of Vallecas, Villaverde, Vicálvaro and Centro. Continue reading estudio SIC . TXP



Welcome Hotel

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estudio SIC . VIC

Durante el mes de Septiembre a Noviembre de 2016, estudio SIC-VIC, es uno de los equipos invitados a la Trienal de Arquitectura de Oslo, After Belonging con la investigación realizada durante este año y medio titulada The Welcome Hotel sobre las domesticidades desplegadas durante los procesos de desahucio ocurridos en Madrid. Continue reading SIC VIC



22J Minnesteder Place of memory . Utoya-Oslo


The proposals are articulated in various parliaments , surroundings in which the gathering is empowered through different strategies. We are talking about mediating infrastructures that support the exchange of ideas, opinions and positions. To this extent we use concave surfaces, symbolizing the unions and gatherings, which have been deformed and adjusted to each place according to different spatial-temporal conditions. Nevertheless, all of them can be understood as ‘gathering topologies’, as having come from the same origins they are geometrically connected.
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