Eric Lapierre Experience

Chris Marker student housing . Paris

Eric Lapierre Experience . Chris Marker student housing . Paris  afasia (1)

Eric Lapierre Experience . photos: © Filip Dujardin . + espazium

The largest Parisian students housing residence is built upon a public buses amenities : a 200 buses parking lot and a maintenance warehouse. It intends to define a new standard for student housing by improving dramatically spaces dedicated to social life that creates a spectacular cascade of space. Continue reading Eric Lapierre Experience


Eric Lapierre Architecture

Le Point du Jour Art center . Cherbourg

© Paola Salerno

courtesy of Eric Lapierre Architecture . photos: Paola Salerno . Hélène Binet

Le Point du Jour art center, fully dedicated to photography, is an attempt to build cultural amenities without money. It is a kind of look into the architecture of a future Europe that would have gained a new sobriety and meaning through the loss of the economic leadership. A primitive hut for the 21st century. Continue reading Eric Lapierre Architecture