Daniel Ellecosta


Daniel Ellecosta . photos: © GUSTAV WILLEIT

Directly on “Troyenbachweg” in “Niedervintl”, which is the main connecting road to “Weitental”, the residential complex Stampflleite is located on the outskirts of the village. The five-story building includes a common garage on the lowest floor and four individual residential units with basements. Continue reading Daniel Ellecosta



Haus am Hörmannweg . TRODENA

Ellecosta . Haus am Hörmannweg . TRODENA (1)

Daniel Ellecosta . photos: Gustav Willeit © Daniel Ellecosta . + divisare

The residential house is situated in a hillside location at the edge of the historical village center and is in line with the local building traditions. The project captivates through its clarity in shape and space creating a synthesis with a consistently determined uniform choice of material. Continue reading Ellecosta