Nordic Ski Centre . Campra

© Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

plans: © Durisch+Nolli Architetti . photos: © Tonatiuh Ambrosetti . © Giorgio Marafioti

Set in a magnificent landscape with characteristic Nordic features, the Nordic Campra Ski Center is the most well-equipped facility in the Swiss Alps for cross-country skiing. The Campra plain represents a fluvial and marshland environment of national importance, protected at a federal level. The structure has expanded, since the 1970’s, from the original shelter of the Simano Ski Club, around which numerous precarious buildings have been added over time. Continue reading Durisch+Nolli


Durisch + Nolli

Administrative Office Building . Lugano

© Studio Willen

Durisch + Nolli Architetti

The project involves the renovation of the ex-Student House of Lugano, built in 1967 by the architects Marazzi, Lucchini and Pedrotti and re-designed as an Administrative Office Building for the Canton of Ticino, preserving the essential characteristics that distinguish the original architecture of irrefutable quality.

A complete refurbishment was necessary to meet both the functional needs of the client and the present-day energy, technical and safety standards. The extreme conceptual and structural clarity of the original modular building facilitated the simple reinterpretation by the architects Durisch + Nolli. Continue reading Durisch + Nolli