residential building Spillmatte . Eich

Dolmus AG . photos: © Roger Frei

The building is placed in front of a heterogeneous development structure of single and multi-family houses. By shifting the three six-family houses both horizontally and vertically, the building appears small and fits into the topography. Towards the hillside, the volume appears to be one-story high and three-story high towards the south. The apartment building fits independently in the shape of the plot and the topography. Three main entrances are accessed via spacious forecourts. Each stairwell gives access to 6 apartments on different levels and the garage below. Continue reading Dolmus


Dolmus . BAUREAG

Double Kindergarten Schönbühl . Seon

Dolmus Architekten . BAUREAG Architekten . PHOTOS: © Roger Frei

Der neue rechteckige Doppelkindergarten wird mit respektvollem Abstand zu den bestehenden Ulmen auf der Hügelkuppe am Nordrand der Parzelle positioniert. Durch den Rücksprung der Hauptfassade wird ein geschützter Aufenthaltsbereich im Aussen- raum gebildet. Alle Nutzungen werden auf einem Geschoss mittels Raumschichten organisiert. Diese sind auf einem Raster aufgebaut und können flexibel eingeteilt, möbliert und ausgestattet werden. In den mittleren, zurückversetzten Raumschichten sind die allgemeinen Räume und die Nebenräume untergebracht. Die Haupträume profitieren von einer dreiseitigen Belichtung. Die klare räumliche Anordnung bietet kurze Wege wie auch eine gute Übersicht im Gebäude für die Kinder und Lehrpersonen. Continue reading Dolmus . BAUREAG


dolmus . B2G

Alterssiedlung Apartments . Sempach

dolmus . B2G . Alterssiedlung Apartments . Sempach afasia (1)

dolmus Architekten . B2G ARCHITEKTEN . photos: © Aytac Pekdemir

In an ideal location close to the small town of Sempach, a new senior residence home has been created. Two separate buildings were erected in the same architectural language, opening up a space that creates a clearly defined entrance situation. The five-story head building is located closer to Eicherstrasse. On its ground floor is a highly appreciated community space with a garden seating area. Along the front yard, but slightly moved rearward is the second, lower volume. Continue reading dolmus . B2G


dolmus architekten



dolmus architekten . photos: © Aytaç Pekdemir

The building is close surroundings of the “Hexenturm” – the medieval gate of the small town. It demands lot a sensitive reaction in terms of volumetry. Therefore the construction volume is divided into several parts. On top of the solid one-story base, two blocks of buildings with different heights are going to be built. The three-story-volumetry on the south side takes on the height of the neighboring building. Its northern counterpart, the two-story-volume, is pleasantly kept in the background. Therewith, the historic, lean witch tour is respected and into no competition in its expression. Despite the mural cha- racter of the neighboring buildings, the originality of the edifice does not disappear thanks to a smooth structured, colored front with exposed concrete. Continue reading dolmus architekten


dolmus architekten


dolmus architekten . MULTI-FAMILY DWELLING . Seetal afasia (1)

dolmus architekten . photos: © Aytaç Pekdemir . + best architects

Along the entry of the village, various historic buildings are to be found such as mansions or farmhouses. The concept of concentrated construction was achieved by building a multi-family dwelling for 6 families instead of the initial single-family house. The proportions of the existing buildings in the surrounding were therefore analyzed and applied on the new project. Continue reading dolmus architekten