House W . Holsbeek

dmvA + archdaily . photos: Frederik Vercruysse

Building in a marvelous location on the woods, in a hily country as Vlaams Brabant, requires an upretentious architecture. Architecture blending with landscape.
No typical Flemish house, but an oblong living-object, transversely placed on the contour of the hill, taking over the form of the slope.
No bricks, but a camouflaging green skin of plans and sedum.
House and nature becoming one. Continue reading dmvA


dMVA architecten

House BVA . Turnhout

source: courtesy of dMVA architecten . photos: Frederik Vercruysse

Concept: brick as knitting-work

A sore spot in the streetscape is mended by a simple, shallow building-volume consisting of two layers with saddle roof. The pretty closed façade, built in brick, is a response on request of the owners for privacy on street side. The appliance of brick as knitting-work in front of the windows (as if the bricks have been pulled apart), protects against strong sunlight as well as to undesirable views from outside. The building literally turns away from the street. Continue reading dMVA architecten