Hof van Busleyden. MECHELEN

© Sergio Pirrone

dmvA . Hlc.r architect

Hof van Busleyden exists of an extensive building complex in bricks and sandstone in copy late Gothic style, around three outdoor spaces: the northern double garden with high trees, the central rectangular garden with a paved courtyard and the south-facing city garden.
Since 1938 the building functions as a city museum and was protected as a monument. Hof van Busleyden is the northern endpoint of the museum axis in Mechelen, but also connects the museum axis with some of the tourist routes. Continue reading dmvA



‘t Atelier . Mechelen

dmvA . ‘t Atelier . Mechelen afasia (1)

dmvA-architecten . photos: © Johnny Umans

‘t Atelier is a social enterprise in Mechelen (Belgium) that employs people who don’t find a job easily in the regular job market. It consists of a bicycle repair shop and a wood workshop and is situated on a plot where the Public Centre for Social Welfare and the Youth Center of Mechelen reside. Since the bicycle repair shop was bursting at the seams, they purchased the house adjacent to the entrance of the plot. The existing house and the workspace at the back form together an L-shaped plot that is bordered by gardens, the wood workshop and a meeting center. Continue reading dmvA


dmvA architecten

Cabin Y

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dmvA architecten . photos: © Bart Gosselin

Blob VB3 was designed in 2009, a mobile polyester living unit in the shape of an egg that offered a potential sustainable answer to the lack of open space and greenery in Flanders. Flexibility still means sustainability: No fixed constructions, but movable residential objects that can be grouped on the outskirts of cities and villages. However, the reproduction of this prototype proved not to be feasible from a financial point of view. Continue reading dmvA architecten




dmvA. LOFT WAREHOUSE 22. Ghent  afasia (4)

dmvA . photos: © Luca Beel . + divisare

Loft Warehouse 22 is situated at a quay in Ghent with a view overlooking the quays and the outport. A couple with two children bought the last remaining loft in the old warehouse which they could furnish under strict conditions. They assigned dmvA to find a fitting interpretation of the loft. The program is based on three key elements: openness, light and privacy. The existing space was difficult to rearrange because of the complex supporting structure of the roof with its steel trusses, steel beams and wooden rafters. It was a must for the architects to create a design that doesn’t interfere with the roof. Continue reading dmvA



House of Lorraine . Mechelen

dmvA . House of Lorraine . Mechelen afasia (1)

dmvA architects . photos: © Sergio Pirrone

A few years ago, House of Lorraine was a decayed place, a grievance at the Grote Markt in Mechelen.
dmvA was asked to transform this corner and thus refresh the market and street scene.
In this project there was great importance attached to urban integration, with respect for the history of the building. For dmvA, high quality living was also the aim. Continue reading dmvA